[Novel] The Fabulous Riverboat (Philip Jose Farmer)

The Fabulous Riverboat If the concept of Mark Twain teaming up with the infamous King John and the gallant Cyrano de Bergerac in building an industry-based republic all the while fighting back Malcolm X with his nation of black zealots, and the armies of warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu, doesn’t blow your mind, there must be something seriously wrong with you.

Still, the book is just a second installment in the epic series, and, like the first, it still feels like a prelude to a bigger story where the real genius of Philip Jose Farmer lies (hopefully).

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating setting of all of mankind being resurrected on a huge alien planet at the same time Still feels like a prelude to a grander story
Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters Still not clear what the main story is supposed to be all about
Full of cool political machinations, and exciting twists
Enlightening on the personality of many historical leaders
Cool, sinister atmosphere of a mysterious planet-scale conspiracy hangs over the story

One thought on “[Novel] The Fabulous Riverboat (Philip Jose Farmer)

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