[TV Series] Fargo

FargoBefore trying to shill their nonsense as “based on a real story” the writers of this show should’ve stopped to consider if anything in their story made sense outside of their shriveled heads. Not a single thing is properly thought through in this “police drama” where police don’t investigate crime scenes, ignore obvious evidence and then convict random people on assumptions that make no sense; where serial killers run wild across the town without even trying to conceal themselves and pose for security cameras; where grown up people talk to each other like middle schoolers (the dialogue of the two FBI agents is in particular moronic).

Then at around episode 7 the writers seem to finally give up, and the show completely falls apart with characters purposefully acting against their own interests to get killed.

Positive: Negative:
A couple of characters are kind of likable Crimes aren’t thought through and make no sense
So bad it’s funny Everyone in the show is exceedingly dumb, and can’t solve kindergarten-level “mysteries”
Dialogue is so poorly written you can never guess when a character is supposed to sound dumb and when “witty”
Motivation of some characters is muddled beyond the point of understanding
Feels more like an abomination of a hundred of random half-baked ideas rather than a cohesive narrative
Completely falls apart around episode 8


2 thoughts on “[TV Series] Fargo

  1. What did you think of the movie from 1996? It’s one of my favourites. I watched a couple of episodes of this and it seemed pretty okay so far, but never found time (or interest) to continue it.


    1. I loved the movie (I love everything by Coen brothers), which is why these series pissed me off so much. The first few episodes are still all right, but everything starts getting worse and worse with each subsequent episode later.

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