[Novel] The Fractal Prince (Hannu Rajaniemi)

Fractal PrinceYou’ll need a dual Ph.D. in literature and particle physics to make heads and tails of every crazy thing in this book, but you don’t need anything more than love for reading to enjoy and appreciate the extensive knowledge that went into writing it.

Still, better brush up on your quantum mechanics and Arabian folklore before delving into this one, or you’ll be sorry.

Positive: Negative:
Poetic, flowery, surreal prose Show don’t tell goes to such extent that you’ll be lucky if you’ll even understand wtf is going on most of the time
Extensive knowledge of both literature and science  Extremely hard and exhausting to read
Mind-blowing, super-complicated setting of post-human future
Captivating surreal plot full of twists
Complicated, well-thought out story inspired by Arabian fairy tales this time (of all things)
Interesting, likable characters

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