[Novel] Paradise Lost (John Milton)

Paradise LostIf only all stories from Genesis received such a beautifully written re-imagining. You can definitely see the two thousand years of literary evolution if you compare Milton’s take on this story of Adam and Eve, and the original in Torah.

Knowing the ending doesn’t stop it from being a fascinating read full of interesting characters and Biblical wisdom. Definitely not fit for light reading though — I struggled with the text as much as I do with my high-tier Japanese chuuni games; no wonder Masada borrowed this title for one of his creations. xD

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful, medieval verse You know the ending
Interesting setting of the dawn of mankind Some passages are nigh incomprehensible on vocabulary level
Profound, interesting, and likable characters, especially the Satan
Illuminating on the religious roots of our culture
Thought-provoking about mankind in general


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