[Novel] John Dies at the End (David Wong)

John Dies at the EndIt’s not really that scary, but John Dies at the End might as well be the best “horror” book I’ve read so far. When it’s not creepy, it’s absolutely hilarious, and I can’t say there was even a moment in the whole thing where I wasn’t thoroughly entertained. It might not be exactly the deepest book ever written, but at times it can even be thought provoking, especially when it starts screwing with your mind, implying that the narrator might be a raving lunatic.

“The five of us and the dog got into the car.” says the narrator as he, three of his friends, and a dog board the car. xD

Positive: Negative:
Sarcastic, witty prose flows well and is very easy to digest Doesn’t build up on some of its more serious themes, playing them for laughs in the end
Absolutely hilarious, I challenge you not to burst out laughing reading this
Likable, interesting characters, all of whom are a bit of their rockers
Good fast pace
Engrossing plot
Full of amazing twists
Tends to screw with the minds of the readers (even the title is a damn mindfuck)
A couple of cool/creepy sci-fi concepts

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