[VN] Kimihane: Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Suru Ikkagetsu

きみはね 彼女と彼女の恋する1ヶ月

Release: 2015 (BaseSon Light)
Writers:  うつろあくた
Japanese difficulty: Easy
English: Unavailable
Ratings: VNDB (7.47); EGS (7.63)


Written by two writers of no real consequence, Kimihane Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Suru Ikkagetsu (Your Feather: A Month of Love Between Her and Her) feels more like a doujin than a full-fledged visual novel. Not only it is hardly five hours long, the writing both comes off as amateurish and fails to utilize the visual novel medium. With barely any actual prose, the whole thing feels a lot more like a boring 4-koma slice of life manga than a novel.

The only actually interesting thing about Kimihane is that it concentrates on relationships between women (yuri); unfortunately, it is no Giovanni’s Room. In fact, you could exchange one of the characters with a guy and still go with the same plot with only minor of alterations. The whole thing consists almost solely of various slice-of-life situations of the three girls — some mildly amusing, some painfully boring — which eventually lead for your selected two to fall in love for some inexplicit reason. There is also some overarching mini-story about an angel the three saw once, but it has fuck all to do with the plot and just sticks out like a sore, pretentious thumb.

きみはね 彼女と彼女の恋する1ヶ月

Apart from art, the only positive thing I can actually say about this visual novel is that while it’s dull, shallow and underwhelming, it’s not really terrible at anything it does and, at least, doesn’t make you want to shoot yourself in the head like some of its kin do. The fact that it has the good sense to end fast has a lot to do with that, no doubt.

Anyway, my point is, don’t bother with this one unless you’re dyeing for some yuri action and don’t mind your plots dull and shallow, and basically about nothing. Though you might as well pick a nukige in that case. Actually, I’d rather this one *was* a nukige, given its art.

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful character designs Dull, uneventful plot
Somewhat likable (but shallow and stereotypical) characters Virtually no story
Shallow, underwhelming romance
Pretentious angel stuff just comes off as silly
Extremely short (though that might as well be positive in this case)


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