[Game] Catherine

CatherineFinally, a game about running away from your adult (as in middle aged) responsibilities, literally. Now I only need to hope for these ingenious guys to make a game about mid-life crisis before that one strikes me. xD

This is like a Persona game for adults; you’d be doing yourself a great disfavor by not playing it if you belong to the correct age group. Not that many games around that dare to tackle sensitive matters like these.

Incidentally, what’s up with the game, supposedly, being set in USA? Catherine, from its themes to the basic architecture of the town, is more Japanese than a loli samurai geisha tsundere that pilots giant robots. Maybe they just liked the name.

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful, attractive character designs One of the twists near the end cheapen the story a bit (though it’s still pretty cool in its own right)
Cool, groovy music Block puzzles can sometimes get complicated to the point of tedium
Mysterious, sinister but also groovy, urban atmosphere
Interesting, likable characters
Very-well written dialogue (JP)
Engaging plot keeps you guessing at what will happen next
Thought-provoking on relationships, marriage, children, and other adult responsibilities
Innovative puzzle game-play
Masterful application of moral choice mechanics leads you to many satisfying endings

2 thoughts on “[Game] Catherine

  1. I’ve been very interested in the concept of this game. I almost bought it a few years back but didn’t find it cheap at enough price back then. I’d really like a version for different genders and sexualities though. While I probably will end up being curious enough to play the game, I doubt I’d really be enchanted by the Catherine character (even though she is my namesake). But the game should be interesting enough even without an actual attraction to her, right?


    1. Yeah, it’s not a dating sim if you’re worried about that. It might be more flavorful if you’re attracted to C/Katherine yourself but it’s still a very interesting story in its own right regardless, and I have a lot of female friends who loved this game.


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