[Game] Dark Souls II

Dark SoulsBest game since… well, Dark Souls. I bet in a couple of years the list of my top favorite games ever made will consist exclusively of FROM Soft titles…

Positive: Negative:
Striking scenery wherever you look Music is not as memorable as in the original Dark Souls
Awesome monster design Story is not as memorable, or epic as in the original Dark Souls
Awesome armor design The world is not as thoroughly interconnected and even has a couple of inconsistencies (Iron Keep, wtf)
Atmospheric, epic music
Immersing, epic and dark atmosphere
Thought-provoking, subtle storytelling
Fantastic, dreamy English writing
Profound lore can give you goosebumps even reading item descriptions
Interesting, surreal story inspired by the wisdom of ancient mythology
Item placement and drops make sense lore/story-wise
Fantastic sense of adventure
Great level design both game-play and lore-wise (most of the time)
Satisfying, responsive game-play
Epic, memorable boss fights
Extremely challenging, rewarding difficulty (especially with the Company of Champions covenant)
Extremely long campaign never runs out of steam, and even offers tons of replay value

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