[Courses] Old Testament

Old TestamentA great, detailed guide through one of the most significant literary works of our history. The provided cultural and historical insight turn The Old Testament into both a much more pleasurable and enlightening (intellectually) experience. Interesting how the best parts of it are actually ripped off from Mesopotamian fairy tales, though. 😛

The course is, unfortunately, not as extensive as one could hope, since while it covers Genesis, Exodus and other stuff related to Moses, Joshua, the Book of Judges, Samuel, Kings, and a few prophets, it glosses over a lot of the later material, and even the lecturer herself expresses frustration at not being able to cover the entirety of the work. Which begs the question: why wasn’t the course longer?

Either way, a fantastic educating experience while it lasts, but, unfortunately, it’s by no means ‘complete’. Still a perfect choice if you are interested in the historical / cultural background of The Bible, free of all that ludicrous “spirituality” that less objective sources might ruin it with. Religious folk might get somewhat pissed off by the professor’s callous approach to the material; but that’s just how science, and studying, works guys (it’s based on reality).


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