[Novel] Pale Fire (Vladimir Nabokov)

PalefireThe story of Pale Fire is told through disjointed digressions of an “analysis” of the titular poem where the lunatic in charge of “analyzing” the work keeps raving about some phony-sounding fantasy country and his attempts to stalk the author of the poem in question. The prose somehow manages to be both linguistically delightful and completely deranged in its chaotic choice of semantics, successfully emulating (?) an insane mind and the pen it commands.

Pale Fire is an amazing example of the author’s insanely good command of English language as well as an engrossing, somewhat satiric, and completely morbid, depiction of a linguistically sound foreigner’s life (who also happens to be completely out of his mind) in an alien country. But, well, good luck on trying to actually follow its narrative, haha.

Positive: Negative:
Eloquent, marvelous English prose Extremely hard to follow
Fascinating, completely deranged protagonist
Genuinely funny satire
Cool, morbid story

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