The Banner Saga

Banner SagaWho, in the name of heavens, was responsible for writing in this game? Clunky, overwritten sentences, bad grammar and a plethora of awkwardly misused complicated words (no doubt looked up in thesaurus or something equivalent) make this piece flow with the grace of damn Eye of Argon. The prose is so bad I could barely understand what the hell was happening most of the time.

Otherwise, a fine SRPG set in a fairly interesting world, too bad both characters and story are uninspired and whatever is left is ruined by the abysmal writing, not to mention the thing’s not even finished. The game-play is pretty cool though.

Positive: Negative:
Interesting setting inspired by… errr, legends of vikings as interpreted by uneducated Americans? Abysmal writing
Innovative take on SRPG game-play Bland, forgettable characters
Bland, generic story and plot
Game-play gets repetitive
No real knowledge of Norse mythology, history or culture

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