Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift)

Gulliver's TravelsThe adventures themselves have been re-iterated a billion times in other forms of fiction, and, to be frank, aren’t really that mind-blowing by themselves, at least to a 21st century reader. The author’s snarky jabs at politics and society of 18th century (some problems of which are still prevalent in our modern world), however, are.

His last adventure to the horse-people land might as well be the first example of genuine xenofiction (that I am aware of) in literature, and is, without doubt, my favorite part of the novel.

Positive: Negative:
Eloquent prose The adventures themselves are spoiled by other media
Quite imaginative fantastical concepts for something written almost 300 years ago Doesn’t really offer anything else other than a couple of odd fantastical concepts and philosophical banter
Some insightful commentary on 18th century English politics and thought
One of the first attempts at tackling xenofiction ever

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