X-Change 2

X-Change 2This one should probably belong to the nukige section, but X-Change 2 is the first “game” of this type that I have ever played, and it’s also to blame for initially getting me interested in this medium of fiction.

Written by a guy who no one really cares about, Abenao or something, it’s a light-hearted romcom where the protagonist is inexplicably turned into a girl and has a lot of adventures enjoying the many pleasures of his newly attained physiology.

It’s a mostly dumb story with nothing of real interest ever happening, though a few jokes here and there do come off as pretty funny. What totally got my younger self, however, is one of its heroines, a ditzy but self-conscious mad scientist Chisato. Not only she was totally my type of girl, her route is probably given the most care in the whole game and it comes off as at least somewhat romantic.

I can’t really recommend this visual novel (or rather nukige) to any connoisseurs of this fascinating medium, but if ditzy mad-scientist girls are your type and you are up for some lighthearted nukige action, you could do a lot worse than checking out Chisato’s route in this one. Don’t expect anything beyond a semi-competently written nukige though.

Positive: Negative:
Music is surprisingly catchy Outdated production values
Chisato is a really likable, quirky heroine Simplistic, generic story
Mostly one-dimensional characters

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