Kazoku Keikaku

Kazoku KeikakuKazoku Keikaku is a romance-drama VN about seven troubled individuals deciding to live under one roof as a family.

In one of his earlier works Romeo tries to explore family values and… does a fairly good job at that. However, while he succeeds at writing interesting and complex characters, his story itself, while thought provoking on workings and functionality of a family, leaves something to be desired.

The majority of this visual novel consists of random comedy-esque segments of quirky happenings between the “family”, most of which could be re-arranged in any order without affecting the plot whatsoever. I can see that they function to ease you into the concept of complete strangers acting like a family, but, seriously, some of them should have been cut, while others would have been a lot more interesting if Romeo at least tried to add some continuity between them.

The more serious scenes, which only start near the very end, are much more interesting, and don’t shy away from gnawing at your emotions, especially those concerning Aoba and Matsuri. It’s just too bad that the individual routes, where such scenes are most prevalent, only last for a few hours at best.

Kazoku Keikaku is a mixed bag of great characters and underwhelming plot. I personally really enjoyed the serious bits in Aoba’s and Maturi’s routes, but found the middle slapstick portion of the story tedious.

Positive: Negative:
Good character designs Could have used more CGs
Virtually no deformation in CGs Could have used more H scenes
Fine music Could have spent more time and effort on individual routes
Likable, interesting, profound characters Common scenes sometimes feel random
Aoba is a fantastic heroine Does not particularly stand out
A couple of good emotional scenes
Genuinely funny
A good take on family effect on human lives



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