Hitogata Ruins



Ugh… I picked this visual novel randomly when I was still pretty bad at Japanese, and as you might expect from picking vns at random, it turned out to be a fucking disaster.

Well, “disaster” might be too strong a word for something this bland though. Hitogata ruins is just an extremely underwhelming humorous medieval fantasy story with some lackluster game-play elements thrown in for good measure… and I already feel way too generous for using the word “humorous” for the garbage that passes as comedy in this work.

I’m sure you have never heard of this visual novel, and I’m sorry for even bringing it up. Forget it exists; it’s for the best of us all.

Positive: Negative:
Character designs are kinda nice? Badly drawn erotic scenes
Bad, flat humor
Annoying characters
Dumb story
Bland plot



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