Satsuriku no Django

DjangoSatsuriko no Django (Django of Massacre) is a tribute to spaghetti western films, namely the Dollars trilogy, in a visual novel form. Needless to say, you haven’t read anything of this kind before as it simply doesn’t exist, but with Gen Urobuchi at the helm, you know it’s bound to be good.

Though the novel’s three main characters are modeled after The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and a lot of its plot points are “borrowed” straight out from the movies, it still is a very exciting tale to witness as it does add a thing or two to jumble the original story of spaghetti westerns quite a bit. The gender change of the leading characters is probably the biggest one, but the setting changing from actual America to a dystopian desert planet hardly pales in comparison. Satsuriko no Django is a thrilling ride of bad-assery from start to finish, but it also does emotional moments, forte of visual novels, a lot better than the movies.

Good pacing, likable bad-ass characters, engrossing plot, thrilling action scenes and fascinating setting make Satsuriko no Django a must-read for anyone interested in Wild West or action visual novels general. Not only this work catches the excitement of the movies perfectly, it builds upon them in every way possible, successfully delivering an even superior experience.

Positive: Negative:
Cool artwork Borrowing a lot of plot points from the movies makes the story intrinsically predictable
Good wild west like music The mysteries of the dystopian setting are not explored much
Authentic wild west like atmosphere No particularly deep or thought-provoking themes
Cool, likable characters
Engrossing plot
Great fast pace
Exciting action scenes
A couple of surprisingly touching emotional moments

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