CannonballWritten by as many as seven people from Liar Soft, Cannonball is a wacky sci-fi racing visual novel where the protagonist competes for the price of the biggest race in the universe.

The whole universe of Cannonball is just so strange and ditzy, it’s sometimes even hard to tell if it’s playing you for laughs or being serious. Nonetheless, despite that, or maybe even because of it, the plot of the novel is surprisingly compelling as there is just no way to predict what will happen next. Its humor works, its serious parts can be both emotionally touching and thought provoking, while some of its stranger concepts can completely blow your mind. The clever twist at the very end in particular made me totally speechless.

The story itself is not as much about racing as about the strange world itself and the mind-boggling motivations and relationships of the quirky characters within it. Oh yeah, speaking of quirky; the cast includes: a mute hitman made of iron, tomboyish mermaid princess, witches stuck in children bodies, blind musician racer, creepy science professor with his two half-kitten sidekicks and a pompous knight of the round table or something, just to name a few.

Cannonball is a really odd, but enjoyable experience full of mind-blowing moments. It might not exactly be a literary masterpiece, but it’s definitely worth a shot for anyone interested in sci-fi, fantasy, or strange/wacky things in general.

Positive: Negative:
Interesting oddball universe Many interesting characters are discarded without being given a proper study
Interesting, wacky characters Everything is so strange it’s sometimes hard to take things seriously
Engrossing unpredictable plot
Mind-blowing unpredictable twists

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