Seikai no Monshou

Seikai no MonshouIt’s a story about love sprouting in the midst of war in romanticized version of space. Between two of the best-written characters in the entirety of fiction. If you like romance, or space, or good anime, then you HAVE to watch this, even if it costs it your own life. It’s worth it.

I have yet to meet a more inspiring, more endearing heroine than Lamhirh.
Positive: Negative:
Tasteful, artistic use of color blue Forced finish (novels don’t end but anime wraps up)
Fantastic epic space opera setting
One of the most mind-blowing concepts for a space “race” of humans
Romantic, tasteful atmosphere
Fantastic, romantic music, perfect for space
Fantastic profound, interesting, charming, inspiring characters
Best heroine in the history of fiction
Fantastic subtle, tasteful romance
Captivating plot full of twists
Great story, especially the politics of the prison planet
Thought-provoking on space society

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