KemonozumeKemonozume is a horror anime depicting a love story between a member of human-eater hunter clan and a human-eater.

The story by itself follows a relatively generic path with the lovers first hiding from their former comrades and later ending up confronting an evil threat which overshadows everything else.

The great thing about this show though is its presentation. Ugly but artistic visuals, adult themes including a glance at Japanese prostitution, strange characters and weird sequence of events create an amazing dark and surreal atmosphere. In other words, even though the story itself is not all that interesting, the way it is told is enough to make this show into a treat.

I was constantly confused if I am supposed to take things literally or interpret them allegorically, an experience I actually found surprisingly amusing. It’s even sometimes, deliberately or not, thought-provoking on themes such as nature of men and love. Oh yeah, and it also goes completely batshit insane once the villain is introduced.

Either way, Kemonozume is more of an experience rather than a coherent show, but it is a very interesting and peculiar one.

Positive: Negative:
Artistic presentation Generic simplistic story
Thought-provoking atmosphere Villain makes no sense
Dark cruel setting and mature themes Hard to relate to characters when everything is so strange
Last few episodes are batshit insane in a very entertaining way