Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojoJojo’s Bizarre Adventure is like professional wrestling – it has commentators in the shape of side-characters, it has main fighters shouting garbled nonsense about justice or whatnot without context, it has burly men kicking the shit out of each other. Despite being ridiculously dumb, however, it’s still oddly engaging and entertaining, mainly for constantly surprising you at what ridiculous lengths it will go to tell its nonsensical story.

Positive: Negative:
Imaginative setting throws one ridiculous thing at you after the other Character designs sometimes have their proportions all messed up
Imaginative tricks make the fights more interesting Nonsensical story
So bad it’s good
Plot is just made up from random things on the spot, I swear
Dialogue is so bad it feels like it’s written by a twelve years old
Characters make so little sense they are established purely through stereotypes

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