It’s not Higurashi, but Another is a nice mystery show with likable characters and really beautiful visuals.

I particularly liked how they showed characters doing menial things like fixing their hair during conversations, it made them feel genuinely alive which is pretty rare for the anime medium.

The plot kind of hit a double soft spot for me, as I love those “one guy among you is a traitor” stories and I also cherish cute anime characters being killed off in violent ways.

Story itself has some problems though, mainly the poorly explained secrecy and the overblown violent tendencies of some characters toward the end. I was also expecting a really bad ending twist most of such stories have, but Another surprised me in a really pleasant way with a solid twist I genuinely didn’t see coming.

All in all, a really enjoyable show if you are into violent mystery stories and are open minded to a few implausible concepts. Obviously if ten people were to die in a year, a school like that would be closed and investigated by officials, but there wouldn’t be a story there then would there.

Incidentally, I don’t know about you, but assuming multiverse helped me to not get tangled in the details regarding the supernatural phenomenon in this show. If two universes were to fluctuate at very similar frequencies to each other and the whole class would get quantumly entangled somehow then people who are dead in one universe but not in the other could start appearing and totally screw up the laws of causality which, I assume, would bite back. That even explains the alteration of people memory and records. I wonder if the author was familiar with the concept or did he just accidentally made it look like that.

Positive: Negative:
Good character designs The setup of the mystery is a little bit implausible
Animating menial actions of the characters brings them to life Mechanics of the supernatural phenomena are not given any explanation
Well animated death scenes The ending craziness feels a bit overdone
Likable, interesting characters
Captivating plot
Good ending twist

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