Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Shadow Hearts - CovenantOne of the most exciting and dramatic adventures in the history of gaming. It’s been over ten years now and I still get all teary eyed remembering this game.

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful visuals Some dungeons might be a bit tedious
Fantastic alternate history setting (early 20th century Europe/Japan)
Lack of difficulty
Dark, sinister atmosphere
Fantastic sense of adventure
Great music
Best protagonist in JRPG history
Great characters
Captivating plot full of twists
Fantastic story full of drama
Full of emotional tear-jerking scenes
Fantastic ending
Mind-blowing on multiple levels
Thought-provoking on love
Thought-provoking on death
Thought-provoking on individual identity
Thought-provoking on the fickle concept of evil
Judgment ring brings excitement to an otherwise somewhat dull combat system
Some good puzzles

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