The most epic story in the history of gaming, hell, maybe even fiction as a whole. This game encompasses all space and time.

Positive: Negative:
Great music Game-play is pretty simplistic and can become repetitive
Super-epic space opera setting
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Albedo is one of the best villains in fiction
Complex story of insanely epic proportions
Captivating plot full of twists
Thought-provoking on human race
Thought-provoking on mysteries of space
Thought-provoking on technology

3 thoughts on “Xenosaga

  1. I think this is arguably my favorite RPG of all time. While the trilogy has it’s ups and downs(the second game combat system being one of em) I try to replay this once every 3-4 years because the story, themes and characters just work so very well. It’s rare to see people appreciate it and I’ve been greatly disappointed by the “Xenoblade” games(although on their own they are still good).

    I do wish more people would give it a shot but since it is actually 3 games long it ends up being far more than most people are willing to put in these days.


    1. Yeah, Xenoblade feels like a super dumbed down version of Xenogears/Xenosaga to appeal lowest common denominator. They’re still pretty good, but definitely not on the level of their predecessors.

      …Just imagine if the original plan had worked out and we get Xenosaga consist of 6 games.


      1. Yeah, a Xenosaga at 6 games would have been the dream. I’ve heard the people who made Xenosaga have some licensing issues(or something like that) that would prevent them from releasing more games in that series aswell.

        I kinda wish we could get an HD Collection for the new consoles(or PC). I mean playing it on an emulator you get pretty decent quality but the touch ups they could make on their own is most likely better than simple upscaling.


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