Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie ProfileAtmosphere, characters and game-play are all amazing, but I have serious qualms with the structure of the plot. What’s up with the 90% of the game being just digressions from the main story?

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful artwork Many characters are wasted being completely ignored after becoming Einherjar
Very well aged beautiful 2D sprites The game would have been a lot more involving if more dungeons were related to the story
Great music The 2D platforming section controls could have been improved by allowing Lenneth to move in air
Interesting characters
The battles are way too easy even without the auto-item command
Fine story if you are able to reach the appropriate ending
Navigating dungeons in 2D platformer fashion is pretty fun
Doing combos and flashy super attacks in battles is fun
No random encounters

One thought on “Valkyrie Profile

  1. Battles are not really TOO easy (maybe less hardcore), also asking Lenneth to fly through air is just… boring? That’s so much fun to freeze enemies and drag them around 🙂 But authors heard you and in VP: Silmeria they introduced even smarter way to navigate through dungeons.

    About dungeon relation… Not much character stories have any relation to dungeons, so that’s not really a problem here.

    For stories ignored… Well, having a cast of more than 20 Einherjar, that’s rather hard to write an additional story for everyone. So no wonder there are some “main” characters and support ones. This actually explained in the story, that not everyone keep their willpower strong enough to overcome death (or maybe this was in VP:Silmeria).

    So I think it deserver to be 4.5 at least. That’s really gorgeous game with stunning 2D graphics, original concept, great gameplay and replayability (I believe I cleared Seraphic Gate for 20 times or more, that’s how much I liked the gameplay).


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