Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's DogmaI so wanna smack the guy who designed this. They had a diamond in their hands with those fighting mechanics, and they fucked it up so hard!!!

Positive: Negative:
Good creature and armor designs Nearly absent narrative makes for a terrible story
Fine music
Almost impossible to tell main story quests from side-quests
Interesting boss battle mechanics
Lack of fast traveling makes you go through same areas over and over again
There is hardly a sense of adventure in the tiny world this game is set in
The length of bosses’ health bar makes you get tired of the battle halfway through
Uneven difficulty with most enemies unable to put up a fight and few others one-shotting you
Leveling up doesn’t feel rewarding by barely making you any stronger
Story quests, side-quests and mundane quests are all lumped together in the same quest log page
Weight limitations make it a pain to take loot with a heavy armor wearing character
Computer controlled allies which you can revive by a push of a button makes your endeavors feel mundane
No healing item limitation makes you pretty much immortal

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