Dark Souls

Dark SoulsFair and challenging game-play, level design and item placement which make sense both from game-play and story perspectives, thought-provoking story inspired by ancient myths and legends and the fantastic sense of an epic adventure make Dark Souls into a masterpiece and one of the best, if not the best, games ever made. After this game I won’t be able to take monsters dropping gold seriously ever again.

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful scenery Some NPCs are easy to miss making an already cryptic story incomprehensible
Awesome monster design Apart from looks, armor sets have very little variation game-play wise
Awesome armor design Does a very poor job at explaining weapon crafting and other game-play mechanics
Good music
Fantastic atmosphere
Interesting surreal story
Fantastic lore
Great thought-provoking storytelling
Item placement and drops make sense lore-wise
Fantastic sense of adventure
Fantastic dungeon design
Fantastic boss fights
Fantastic battle mechanics
Extremely hard


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