Ikusa Megami Verita

戦女神VERITATaken away from the hands of the master writer, Matsue Akira, and ruined by a team of talentless hacks, Ikusa Megami Verita is a fantasy RPG following Serika and Louie after their adventures in Genrin no Kishogun 2.

While Zero had a rich, epic story, full of memorable characters, Verita is just a compilation of random adventures with most characters completely unmemorable. The whole adventure feels aimless and boring; it doesn’t help that recurring characters are just hollow shells of their former selves, too. In fact, characters are so poorly written, Eukleia, who was probably the most intriguing character in the Genrin, turns into a complete generic bore as Verita tries to flesh her out “better”. Also, despite there being three different possible routes, the narrative is so weak it never feels like you are ever doing anything actually significant.

The game-play aspect of the experience is still quite challenging and fun, though constant jumps between two different parties create this annoying feeling of one being underleveled compared to the other.

Overall, fine game-play inherited from Ikusa Megami Zero, but terrible everything else. That’s what you get when you exchange a talented writer for a team of hacks. I can’t believe Eushully did this to me. T_T

Positive: Negative:
Great fantasy setting Story feels like a bunch of random generic episodes sewn together
Fine game-play Characters are nowhere near as deep or interesting as in the prequels
Constantly jumping between two parties gets annoying

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