Written by the very prolific but mostly underwhelming Morisaki Ryuuto (森崎亮人), Hapymaher is a romantic comedy which mostly takes place inside an odd collective dream of the protagonist and a few of his female friends.

Apart from the really beautiful visuals this visual novel has very little to offer. The plot is a mix of generic romantic humor and third-rate coming of age drama that is almost identical throughout all of the routes.

Daily scenes are downright painful to read due to dull repetitive writing (the same gags are repeated like a billion times). There is barely any tension since you know everything is happening within a dream and won’t have any real repercussions. And characters just aren’t strong enough to carry the plot by themselves.

Only the, so called, true route of Alice has a semblance of a real story somewhere, but chances are you’ll be too exhausted to pay it any attention by the time you get to it.

I’d honestly recommend to skip through the story and just enjoy the erotic scenes as the visuals are amazing.

Positive: Negative:
Extremely attractive visuals Bad repetitive writing
An interesting concept Boring generic story
 Likable characters Plot is boring and has no tension

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