Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Then There Were None is a clever mystery where ten people with dark pasts are sequentially killed in an isolated island.

For such a short novel the characters are surprisingly fleshed out, likable and interesting; each of their deaths actually evoking genuine feeling of loss. The incident itself is very clever too, though it does feel it has to rely on luck in a few occasions. It is also a little bit disappointing that the method of most murders is usually very simple to deduct. The motivation of the perpetrator, though eerie, is also a bit of a letdown due to its impersonal nature.

Nonetheless, there are very few smarter and more involving mysteries than this one. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to put the book down before its conclusion.

Positive: Negative:
Fleshed out, likable and diverse characters Murder methods are quite simple
Extremely engrossing plot Motive is impersonal and simplistic
Extremely clever mystery

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