KimKim is an adventure novel set in India during late 19th century. It follows an outspoken boy named Kim, an Englishman in blood but Indian in soul, and his quest to become a secret agent for the army.

Now, while the premise sounds very interesting; I found the book’s writing style obnoxious, characters annoying, plot dull and story surprisingly underwhelming. You’ll wish you spoke Indian, or at least had a glossary of its English slang, because, I swear, about one-fourth of the book is made of Indian words.

You follow the viewpoint of a very annoying smart-ass boy you wish would die on the first page. What’s worse, because he observes only the things a kid would, you are basically alienated from the more interesting parts of Indian culture and are only introduced to things a kid would find amusing; a tremendous waste of an otherwise fascinating setting. Finally, the plot is painfully predictable and dull, with depictions of unusual culture being the sole interesting part of the journey.

Only recommended if you like children heroes and are interested in Indian culture very much.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating setting Obnoxious, turgid prose
Provides insight into Indian culture Annoying characters, especially the protagonist
Dull, predictable plot
Underwhelming story

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