EndymionEndymion is a travel log masquerading as Sci-Fi epic set in Hyperion’s world.

Boy, talk about disappointing. I still can’t believe one with such an amazing prose could construct such a dull story with such boring characters in such a fascinating world. If you discount everything that comes with Hyperion’s setting you are left with a clueless protagonist taking care of an obnoxious girl as they travel through a plethora of planets without anything important happening. It might make for an amazing visual experience in a movie, but reading descriptions of how beautiful alien worlds are is extremely dull if that’s about the only thing you do all the time. If there is any conflict, it always gets promptly solved by Deus Ex Machina means without any real effort shown by the cast. The whole thing just feels… pointless.

In other words, no tension, nothing interesting happens and characters are dull. Fantastic. I recommend to read a summary of this book (and be surprised at how brief it can be for that page count) and jump straight to the second Endymion novel where things actually start happening. Seriously, this whole book could have been told through a two-three page long flashback in the sequel… and it would have been better!

Positive: Negative:
Eloquent prose Dull plot
Fascinating sci-fi setting Dull characters

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