[Game] Unavowed



An urban fantasy point-and-click adventure with a huge heart. It didn’t exactly blow my mind, but the relatively unique approach to fantasy held my attention from start to finish.

Vintage, noir atmosphere
The story is pretty simplistic in its core
Interesting, likable characters
You can still get stuck without a walkthrough
A relatively engrossing plot made up of a bunch of cool set pieces
Not as obnoxious game-play-wise as most point-and-click adventures are

[Game] Frostpunk



Incredibly addicting city builder with a quite thought-provoking alternate history story.

Atmospheric music
Doesn’t offer much once you figure out all the mechanics
Challenging, satisfying, addicting game-play
Thought-provoking on ways weather can affect mankind
Alternate scenarios actually force you to play very differently

[Game] Nioh



Obviously inspired by Dark Souls, Nioh offers familiar game-play but with enough unique twists to set itself apart. I was thinking it would easily be a 5/5 game for me at the beginning, but as the game went on I realized I was fighting the same enemies over and over again regardless of the stage which honestly were all kind of similar to begin with — caves and old Japanese castles. Not to mention that nothing I was doing in game felt like it had ANYTHING to do with the story in the cutscenes.

Definitely nowhere near as meticulously designed as Dark Souls.

Challenging, satisfying game-play
Story feels like it has barely anything to do with what you’re playing
Lots of versatile styles to choose from
Repetitive enemies and level design
Great boss fights

[Game] Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Finally, a sequel to Far Cry 3 that lives up to it with charismatic villains, and interesting world to explore, and relatively cool story.
A fascinating setting of religiously brainwashed rural USA
The sandbox nature makes it hard to tell a coherent narrative
Great, fitting background music
Can start feeling a bit repetitive after you play for longer
Interesting, relatively memorable characters
Doesn’t really do a particularly exceptional job at anything
A surprisingly unpredictable story, at least the conclusion
Interesting exploration
Fairly good shooter game-play

[Game] Persona 5

Perosna 5


It didn’t quite live up to its predecessors, but Persona 5 is still the best JRPG I’ve played in years.

Beautiful visuals, both on technical and artistic sides
Less background music variation than in the previous installments
Awesome soundtrack that oozes style
Underwhelming (and kind of stupid) human villains
Great, funky atmosphere
The story up until the very end feels like a collection of set pieces
Likable characters
Characters pale in comparison to the previous installments
Enthralling plot
Story feels a lot more simplistic compared to previous installments
Awesome culmination (once human villains are out of the way)
Thought-provoking on society
Fantastic challenging but fair game-play
The social sim parts are absolutely addicting