[VN] Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate 0.jpg

Steins;Gate being among my favorite visual novels, I had pretty high expectations for Steins;Gate 0… and to say that they were not met would be putting it lightly.

Release: 2018 (5pb. Games)
Writers: Hayashi Naotaka, Takimoto Masashi, Tsuchiya Tsukasa, Yasumoto Tooru
Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: 5pb. GamesCommittee of Zero
Ratings: VNDB (8.21); EGS (8.00)

Visual Novel

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[Game] Blazblue Central Fiction

Blazblue Centralfiction


The conclusion to Blazblue’s epic story that adds even more playable characters to a whooping total of thirty-six.

…And the English localization seems to have improved slightly since Chronophantasma.

Attractive 2D visuals
Almost no game-play in the story mode
Awesome soundtrack
Fascinating sci-fi setting inspired by quantum mechanics
Interesting, likable characters
An extremely convoluted but awesome story
Fantastic 2D fighter game-play
Great multiplayer

[Novel] 2312 (Kim Stanley Robinson)



A fascinating hard sci-fi account of a future where mankind has colonized the solar system which unfortunately follows a cast of really poorly written characters and a plot that’s somehow both bland and all over the place.

You definitely read this book for the world and the science behind it… not what’s actually happening in it.

Fascinating, well-researched setting of a far future
The characters, especially the protagonist either act like children or are painfully dull
Lots of awesome hard sci-fi concepts
The plot is all over the place and fails to captivate you

[Game] Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0.jpg


It’s been a while since I checked any of the Yakuza games as they always felt clunky and full of redundant boring content that bloated the experience… but apparently, unknown to me, they’ve been improving with every release as Yakuza 0 feels like a Yakuza game with most of the grievances I had with the previous installments in the series fixed.

It has an interesting story with likable characters, side-quests are actually kind of funny (though still a bit too unnecessarily plentiful), and the game-play feels tight and rewarding.

Beautiful, high-end visuals
The map you explore is small and reused from previous games
Interesting, likable, profound characters
The amount of side-quests can be overwhelming and turn you off from the game
A relatively engrossing plot
Exploration is not very fun
A solid story inspired by Japanese underworld
Satisfying brawling game-play
Let’s you have a taste of Japanese culture quirks, such as hostess clubs

[TV] Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead



A resurrection of Evil Dead that captures the feel of the original pretty much perfectly. It’s a tragedy and a complete mystery to me why the channel ended up cancelling the show after three seasons as it was only getting better and better.

Lots of hilarious explicit gore
The story’s utterly simplistic and a bit repetitive
Groovy atmosphere
Interesting, likable characters
Relatively engrossing plot
Genuinely funny