[Game] Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ


I’m not sure whose bright idea was to make the autocombo mechanic in Dragonball FighterZ impossible to turn off, but it not only takes any challenge from the game, but also makes it almost like an interactive movie (made up solely of people beating each other up in flashy ways), where you can win most fights by mashing one button while your character does all those crazy fighting moves you’d need days of practice to master.
It’s like… it’s a good game, but it only allows you to watch as it plays itself.
A relatively good and extensive story campaign for a fighter
Auto combos completely ruin any sort of satisfaction or challenge
Flashy fighting mechanics
Parts of the campaign feel a bit like grinding

[Game] Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers


A nice if not particularly outstanding beat’em-up that can be loads of fun on couch coop.

Many varied stages
High enemy variety
Simplistic combat
Pretty good boss fights
Not much of a narrative
Great for couch coop

[Novel] First Love (Ivan Turgenev)

First Love


An account of a man’s somewhat screwed up First Love that might have been a bit more shocking and memorable in the times it was written.

Relatively profound characters
The majority of the plot is pretty boring
Interesting twist at the end
Doesn’t feel too memorable compared to other Russian classics

[Game] The Messenger

The Messenger


The Messenger is a dream come true for the old Ninja Gaiden fans that not only revives but surpasses the original in every shape and form.

Fantastic upbeat soundtrack
The metroidvania latter half can get a bit tedious at parts
Well-written, snappy dialogue
Interesting, if not particularly mind-blowing story
Fantastic side-scroller game-play inspired by Ninja Gaiden

[Game] Dead Cells

Dead Cells


A one hour game that’s artificially extended to take up ten or more by the perma death mechanic. Dead Cells had everything I generally like about games, but having to restart the whole thing each time you made a little mistake ruined the experience for me.

It’s not even that hard except for the final stage, just tedious and unforgiving.

Dark, spooky atmosphere
Permadeath makes the experience unnecessarily tedious
Responsive, satisfying game-play
Not much of a narrative
Good stage and enemy variety