[Game] Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI


Soul Calibur VI offers the same awesome and flashy fighter game-play as its many prequels, but it barely feels like a new game at this point. It being a reboot not only takes you backward in the story, it means you have a smaller roster of characters to select from (as it takes place before they’re introduced).

It feels more like a step backward than forward, and I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference between it and V or even IV if I was looking at the screen from a distance.

Beautiful visuals
Underwhelming story that alternates between dull and cringeworthy
A large cast of interesting and memorable characters
Barely feels like a different game from the previous installments in the series
An actual story mode (though it’s not very good)
Actually offers a smaller roster of characters than the prequels
Top-notch 3D fighting mechanics
Subpar localization

[Novel] Hawaii (James. A. Michener)



So far my favorite Michener’s book, Hawaii is a fantastic recounting of Hawaii’s history that spans generations of interesting and likable characters, almost every one of whom have a poignant and dramatic story to tell.

Simple but pleasant and easily-digestible prose
Might feel a bit slow at times
Profound, interesting, likable characters
Enthralling plot
Epic story that spans generations
Multiple genuinely dramatic and touching moments
Enlightening on Hawaii’s history
Thought-provoking on life

[Game] King’s Bounty – The Legend

King's Bounty


An interesting strategy and computer role-playing hybrid that plays like an RPG version of Heroes of Might & Magic. It’s just too bad that its story reads like bad fanfiction.

Satisfying strategy game-play
The story reads like bad fanfiction
A well-designed world that’s fun to explore
Long battles start getting tedious towards the end

[Novel] The House of the Spirits (Isabel Allende)

The House of the Spirits


A poignant record of four generations of a very memorable family in post-colonial Chile.

Profound, interesting, likable characters
A few parts of the story might feel a bit slow
Interesting story inspired by historical facts
Relatively engrossing plot with a couple of cool twists here and there
Enlightening on Chilean culture and history


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored - Death of the Outsider


Due to its short length, Death of the Outsider feels more like a dlc or a spin-off to otherwise fantastic series. I definitely enjoyed the direction of the story, but the new array of sneaking powers didn’t feel as intuitive to me as in the prequels.

Beautiful visuals, impressive both from artistic and technical side
Very little memorable music
Interesting, rich, and imaginative fantasy setting
The story, despite all the embellishments, is quite predictable and straightforward
Good, immersing atmosphere
Feels either too easy or frustrating, with hardly anything inbetween
Interesting characters
Short, and feels like more of the same game-play wise
Good level design encourages exploration

[TV] Jewel in the Palace

Jewel in the Palace.png


A historical Korean TV series focusing on the first female physician in middle age Korea.

Interesting, likable characters
Extremely slow pace
Relatively engaging plot with lots of twists and political machinations
Some of the episodes around the middle feel redundant
Enlightening on Korean history and culture
Jang-Geum is represented as so perfect it makes her kind of boring
Enlightening on traditional Korean food and medicine